Not a member, but money outstanding?

BONO (Norwegian Visual Artists Copyright Society) is approved by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture to enter into extended collective licensing agreements (ECL agreements) and collect and distribute remuneration on behalf of members as well as artists and rightholders that are non-members, for the following areas:

  • Resale Right of artworks (Article 59-61, Norwegian Copyright Act)

  • Use of visual works in broadcasting (Article 57, Norwegian Copyright Act)

  • Reproduction and communication to the public of visual works in archives, libraries and museums (Article 50, Norwegian Copyright Act)

When BONO collects remuneration on behalf of non-members according to the above legal regulations, we follow a set of guidelines in order to allocate and distribute remuneration to the rightholders in question. If we are unable to obtain the information necessary for distribution, the remuneration will be held in escrow until they reach the statute of limitation.

Below is a list of artists to whom we do not have the information required for distribution of the remuneration. This may be because we have not been able to get in contact with the artist or the artists' rightholders, or that they have not submitted to us all the information required in order to distribute the amount.

If your name, or the name to whom you are a rightholder, is on the list, it is possible that you have money outstanding. The amount may not be of considerable size, but if you wish to arrange for us to distribute the funds, we ask you to contact us as soon as possible.

Please contact:

Kristine Farstadvoll - tlf: 47 23 10 03 53
Harald Holter - tlf: 47 23 10 03 51


Al Hariri, Mahmoud        
Albmot, Rukai         
Al-Hamwi, Fadi          
Ballen, Roger         
Bocchi, Simona         
Buñol, Laureano Barrau    
Catherine, Norman         
De Camargo, Sergio         
Dr Naif, Al-Mustafa       
Eitner, Ernst Wilhelm     
Franklin, Stuart         
Gamboa, Diana         
Gomesbarros, Rafael         
Graeme, Williams        
Guo-Qiang, Cai          
Hasiar, Vladislav       
Hlobo, Nicholas        
Karavan, Dani          
Kownacki, Eva           
Krauskopf, Bruno         
Libera, Zbigniew        
Lord, Andrew         
Mbongwa, Khanyisile       
Miller, Alice         
Mntambo, Nandipha        
Modisakeng, Mohau         
Muholi, Zanele         
Novembre, Fabio         
Pavlensky, Pyotr         
Pawel, Imitiaz        
Pereira, Paula         
Pussy, Riot          
Putter, Andrew         
Rabee, Kiwan         
Rubcov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovic
Rusakov, Vitaly         
Sayginer, Murat         
Slonov, Vasili         
Spaans, Jean-Marc       
Uzarski, Adolf         
Vassiliev, Oleg          
West, Franz